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We’ve already discussed the importance of high-quality headshots in a previous article, so if you’re not new on our website, you’re probably to speed on the topic. In fewer words, especially in the highly visual social media space, your headshot makes the first impression. It gives a face to your personal brand - the latter being essential in the high-competitive market. Therefore, you’re going to want to work with professional photographers to ensure that your business persona is being portrayed the way you want it.

While this article is frankly meant to convince you to work with Jullitan Production and get the best corporate headshots in NYC, let’s dive a bit more into the list of reasons why having them is of vital importance in 2020:

It’s an introduction

Before meeting in person, the first contact is usually virtual. Recruiters will look candidates up on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook before setting up an interview. Potential clients will have a peek at your Team Members section on the company’s website. In any of these cases, you’re going to want to make a positive first impression - and going the extra mile with a professionally done profile pic or a high-quality shooting with your colleagues is definitely a worthwhile investment.

People want to work with people

If we’re talking about long-term collaborations, what you are as a person weighs more than your professional abilities. From the angles, location, clothing and facial expression and body language, your headshot can tell a lot about your personality. Working with professional photographers can help you align your true self and your personal brand to the right visual aesthetics. Every small detail matters, hence working with experts can make a real difference between a dull shot and a storytelling one.

Everybody needs a personal brand

If reaching performance is one of your professional goals - and it probably is, since you’ve landed on this page - you need to start working on a personal brand ASAP. If you ask around, you’ll find out how common it is to land awesome jobs, gigs and collabs based on how you present yourself on social platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter. However, presenting yourself as a Subject Matter Expert by expressing pertinent opinions should be completed by an equally polished (yet real) image. You don’t want a blurry selfie to represent your business persona.

In conclusion, choosing to get professional headshots is an investment that definitely pays off. Not using suitable images can undermine your efforts to sell yourself as a professional, no matter if you’re a freelancer, a business owner or a professional who wants to ascend. You want to be perceived as a confident person that invests time and money in every aspect of their business, and this is precisely why working with experienced photographers is worth the cost. The return-on-investment will outweigh the small investment in your representation.

If you’re looking for professional photographers in NYC, we are welcoming you in our cozy studio located in Manhattan. Drop us a line anytime or book us online directly and let’s get those smart shots done!


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