The importance of a good headshot

As important as first impressions are during a job interview, so is the picture you have on your LinkedIn profile. That's why we, at Jullitan Production, believe its exceedingly essential to have a professionally shot picture. Whether you are launching your brand as an entrepreneur, are looking for a new opportunity or work within the creative industry, you'd have an even better chance with just the right image of you on any platform! As a professional, the platform you'd need to be visible on is LinkedIn, and the quality and tone of your imagery on it will help you set yourself apart from everyone out there.

We can help you with that.

Your Studio Experience

At Jullitan Production, you can have your photo taken by a few of the best NYC headshot photographers, who'd get just the right ones for you based on your dream job. By working alongside a fantastic team of makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, and brands, we provide you with a complete package.

How can you get that perfect shot?

There are a few things you could do to prepare for your perfect headshot. All the myths are true; having a good night's sleep is incredibly essential for you to look fantastic and rested. Looking rested and confident will bring you one step closer to creating that lasting impression we want!

While picking outfits for your shoot, work with colors that complement you. We’d recommend solid colors or simple prints as they photograph exceptionally well. Go for a simple, classic makeup look which you can that add on to.

One of those faux-pas to avoid is undergoing any facial treatments right before the day of the shoot. Any such regiment would show up as irritated skin on your pictures, and you don’t want that. We recommend you plan your beauty treatments at least three days to a week before the shoot so you can look your best.

Before you drastically change your hairstyle right before the shoot, think about it. You’d want to practice wearing your hair where you look comfortable which may not be that easy on an entirely new haircut. So, if you want a new haircut, time it so you have time to get used to it before the shoot too.

Another tip is to practice the expressions you'd want in your headshot. This helps you portray what you'd want your audience to say when they stop at your profile. Depending on if you're a young and vibrant entrepreneur or a CEO, you'd want to have different expressions in your images. Pick out a few phrases you’d like your headshots to have. That way, you have a variety of photographs that you can use.

What do you need to do?

Having a strong, professionally shot photo will set you apart instantly from the crowd. Our studio in New York City is easily accessible and conveniently located so you can get to us incredibly easy on the day of your appointment. Working with top headshot photographers in NYC will pay off!

Your next step is straightforward, go online and book a session with us! We understand how much a successful image will help you get closer to your dreams. Let’s help you get there by getting that perfect headshot?


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