Why are professional headshots important for actors

Starting a career in acting is hard work, time-consuming, and it often takes years before you can land a relevant role. Before getting to Hollywood and start living the American dream, you can stretch your creative muscles in theatre, TV, commercials, independent productions and even on your own Social Media platforms. Having a top-notch portfolio, filled with high-quality photos that showcase your versatility can definitely be of help when it comes to catching a casting director’s attention.

Your headshots are your best marketing tool.

Directors and hiring managers are usually looking for background experience, talent and adequacy for the opening roles. This means that after completing intensive courses or getting an acting degree, it’s time to gain some real-life experience by applying to suitable roles for small productions and build up your CV. When applying online, you will have to send an email with your headshot(s), CV and a short video displaying your skills - and your time to stand out from the crowd and impress is very limited.

That’s where professional headshot photography comes into play. Just like we’ve mentioned in our previous article dedicated to musicians, selfies and basic smartphone shots are not enough. If your goal is to exude professionalism, you should treat every tiny detail seriously and show them that you’re not just talented, but also determined, ambitious and perfectionist. Your headshot is your best marketing tool and will be the first thing a casting director sees when going through submissions - and you want to make a great first impression. You’d be amazed to learn how quickly cheap-looking headshots are tossed in the bin, no matter how impressive your looks are.

Following the industry’s standards

Your headshots (even the ones you’re posting on your social media accounts) tell a lot about your understanding of this highly-competitive industry, and presenting yourself in an amateurish manner is the last thing you want to do. Moreover, you have to strictly follow the industry’s standards in terms of size and layouts - and a professional photographer that has worked with actors before knows what needs to be done.

Your headshots MUST be up-to-date.

Every actor must make sure their headshots reflect reality, which means you should look exactly like the person in the pictures. Not following this rule can put you on the blacklist of unprofessional actors that don’t take their job seriously enough. The ideal scenario implies getting new headshots every six months (at least) or even more often if you change your look drastically.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting the perfect headshots, but the excellent news is that you don’t need to worry about it if you choose to work with us. We handle the make-up, hair and styling side of things as well, so you can benefit from a full-service package for a reasonable fee. We’re flexible and equally skilled in studio photography and outdoor photography, so if you book your session with us, we can decide together which one would suit you best.


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